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ASKADA farm is located in Kymi on the island of Evia in an area known for its famous dried figs, a quality product
that thrives in the specific and confined microclimate of the Aegean countryside.

ASKADA's primary objective is the production of a high quality dry organic fig and other fig based products, such us
energy bars, syrup, jam etc. Applying principles of good cultivation management, we achieve sustainable management and
protection of the environment.

Dealing with organic farming and creating high quality products is nothing new. It's a way of life from the memories of
our grandparents, it is the wisdom that exists in the traditional mode of production and cultivation of land and opposition
to companies with chemical fertilizers and intensive use of land.

Mostly, it's a love of figs that has prompted us to tell our own stories about them, transforming them, but honouring the
spirit of the originals.